21 Best Content Marketing Idea Generation Tools that Will Make Your Life Easier

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Content Marketing is one of the hardest things when it comes to planning strategies.

Generating ideas is difficult when it comes in different niches or areas of work. But it is always possible if you know where to locate the unlimited fountain of different topics that are creating buzz.

Here we did a pretty extense compilation of the best tools you can use to do this job easier and also fun. And everyone knows that fun rules.

  1. Google Trends

    This official and reliable tool will show you latest trends on searches.

  2. EpicBeat

    This official and reliable tool will show you latest trends on searches.

  3. Reddit

    Just one position below Facebook is the 6th most viewed site on the Internet and the fourth in the United States. You will find excellent content divided into subreddits.  You will give a very nice idea of this nice content compilation: SFW Porn Network.

  4. Google Keyword Planner.

    Keyword planner from Google is the best when it comes to PPC campaigns, even for Bing Ads (Bing doesn’t give you Latin America and other Countries insights). So Bing even recommends using this great tool for their campaigns. Many Content Marketers use this tool to know what to write about so they can get tons of organic traffic.

  5. KeywordTool.io

    Another Keyword Tool that will allow you to get suggested keywords from Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, and AppStore. It is like ScrapeBox but it includes Search Volume, Trend, CPC, Competition.

  6. BuzzSumo

    This awesome tool will allow you to get the most trending posts in a blog. Really useful when it comes to spying most valuable content in a blog within the day, week, year, or even 5 years ago.

  7. SmartNews

    SmartNews gathers many selected trending news on their main app. Just another way to be informed on the different news in different niches.

  8. Youtube Search and Youtube Trending

    Watch all the videos currently Trending on Youtube and also get to know search results on each Youtube Search so you know what is the most watched videos.

  9. Soovle

    Good real-time keyword suggesting from Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Bing, and Answer.Com really fast.

  10. HubSpot’s blog ideas generator

    Like it says, it will simply generate very attractive titles that will increase the CTR of your links in different social networks and groups.

  11. KeywordSpy

    This tool has a long trajectory in the market, you can also do requests for many SEM ideas for titles and descriptions. You can use those to use on your SEO meta tags.

  12. ContentRow Link Bait Generator

    Content Row Another way of generating ideas for compelling titles to attract more attention to your content.

  13. AllTop

    This site aggregates all of the top news and information in real time. Find a topic and learn what’s happening from trusted sources.

  14. Quora

    The best place for Questions and Answers, you can get plenty of ideas for different niches, also get important answers on your own format. Get to answer many questions inside your expertise and add links to your blog posts to get more traffic.

  15. Scoop.it

    It is a content curation service that marketers can use to discover, share, and promote helpful content.

  16. GrowthHub

    A well-known content marketing aggregator made by marketers for marketers.

  17. NewsWhip Spike

    Discover the stories sparking engagement in real time across both the web and social. Spike tracks the stories spreading fastest right now, predicts what will be biggest today, and keeps you informed with real-time email and Slack alerts.

  18. Portent’s content idea generator

    A good way to generate ideas for content strategy.

  19. Digg

    Very old, but somehow it still works. It was something like Reddit but migrated to be a good content aggregation. It is self-called the homepage of the internet, featuring the best articles, videos, and original content that the web is talking about right now.

  20. Growth Hackers

  21. Nuzzel 

    Nuzzel is a personalized news discovery and newsletter curation service for busy professionals. Using your social networks, Nuzzel curates a list of news and content from people who are already part of your network.


Hope this tools take your Content Generation to the next level. If you know some tips please do not doubt to share them in the comments.

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